VDOT prepping for Mother Nature this winter

VDOT adds new brine-making plant in Charlotte County

LYNCHBURG, Va. – There’s no telling what Mother Nature will bring this winter, and that’s why the Virginia Department of Transportation is prepping its staff.

VDOT officials say employees are training while making sure all equipment works and is clean.

As always, VDOT wants drivers to be patient with them on the roads and plan ahead, if traveling.

“When in doubt don't pass the plow truck cause there's no benefit to you or that that plow driver to pass them. So stay behind them. Give them time and space to do their work. You're going to be better off at the end of the day,” Dale Totten, maintenance engineer, said.

VDOT just added a new brine-making plant in Charlotte County to support the south part of the district.

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Magdala Louissaint

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