Hidden dangers: ‘Clean products' praised as personal care alternatives

The four key things experts say families should look for when shopping

There’s a warning about potential hidden dangers in the soap, shampoo and deodorant families use every day. The federal government is looking at chemicals found in personal care products, as the use of so-called “clean products” — natural alternatives — is on the rise.

A family in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, is one of many that swears that products made with only natural ingredients can help solve health problems. 

5-year-old Sadie Baker is almost all better now. The little girl ran and laughed while playing this week at a local park with her parents and siblings. 

Her mother, Sarah Beth, watched as her daughter struggled with eczema as a baby. At times, her whole body would be covered in a rash.

“As a mother, it was very hard because obviously you want to do the best for your child,” Baker said.

The family educated themselves on natural alternatives and got rid of products with chemicals — and they say the symptoms went away.

“When you can find a solution that's nonpharmaceutical, that works, it's amazing,” Baker said.