Lawmakers, Gov. Northam react to last night's losses in the Commonwealth

Republicans in the Commonwealth are reacting after last night's losses. 

Soon-to-be former senate majority leader Thomas k. Norment, Jr.:

"With the democrats achieving full control of state government for the first time in 26 years, it will be our duty to hold the majority to account. That is a role senate republicans have excelled at before, and one for which we are fully prepared now."

Virginia house of delegates speaker Kirk Cox: 

"Republicans will work with Democrats where we can, speak out against overreaching policies when we must, and always seek to guard the best interests of the people of the commonwealth." 

Shortly after the news broke, Gov. Northam released a statement saying, "I am proud of my fellow Democrats and inspired by our shared victory. Since I took office two years ago, we have made historic progress as a commonwealth. Tonight, Virginians made it clear they want us to continue building on that progress."

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