Pigeon wearing cowboy hat captured by rescue team

LAS VEGAS, NV – A rescue team has tracked down one of Nevada’s pigeons wearing a tiny cowboy hat.

Lofty Hopes found Cluck Norris in a trap near the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus.

The group posted on their Facebook page Monday, “We captured Cluck Norris today. Still on the stakeout for Coo-Lamity Jane,”

“We chased him around with a net for two hours, and I would slowly move the net and talk to them and get them used to our voices," said Mariah Hillman, pigeon rescuer.

No one seems to know how the hats got on the birds.

The co-founder of Lofty Hopes told CNN last week that it looked like the hats had been glued on, and it was a concern because the birds appeared to be losing feathers where the glue had been administered.

The rescue group will continue to look for Coo-Lamity Jane, who’s been spotted wearing a pink hat.