Washington & Lee considers name change

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LEXINGTON, Va. – More pressure could be coming for Washington & Lee University to change its name and removing all references to the confederacy.

According to the Richmond-Times Dispatch, university faculty discussed a resolution to remove all references to the confederacy from the Lexington campus as well as the school’s name during a virtual meeting Wednesday night.

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No action was taken, but more than 100 undergraduate and law school professors who attended the meeting plan to send a formal request to the school’s president and board of trustees by the end of the month.

The school was named for George Washington, an early benefactor, and Robert E. Lee, the former confederate general and president of the university who is buried in a chapel at the heart of campus.

In 2018, a commission examining how history shaped the university suggested numerous changes but stopped short of recommending renaming the school.

The university did make changes to the names of some campus buildings.

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