WATCH: President Trump to make statement Thursday night

President Trump is set to share an update on the election. (WKMG)

President Donald Trump made a statement from the White House briefing room on Thursday night.

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This was the second time Trump made a public statement since polls closed Tuesday. The first was early Wednesday morning.

Trump said he was updating the American people on efforts to “protect the integrity” of the election.

Trump said, “If you count legal votes, I easily win.” He went on to say that “illegal votes,” including those that “came in late,” are working against him and his campaign. “We can’t allow anybody to silence our voters and manufacture results…” said Trump.

The president also highlighted the gains Republicans made on election day.

“There was no blue wave that they predicted…Instead, there was a big, red wave,” said Trump. “We kept the senate, despite having twice as many seats to defend as Democrats.”

In addition to the Republicans' “fantastic job” in the Senate, Trump touted Republican gains in the House. He also said, “This is the year of the Republican woman” referring to the number of female Republicans elected into Congress.

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