Online dating surges as Americans try to find love amid pandemic

‘Dating Sunday’ is typically the busiest day of the year for dating apps

Online dating is ramping up as we get closer to the peak day of the year for swiping right.

More hopeful matches are looking for love online as we approach “Dating Sunday” this weekend, which is typically the busiest day of the year for dating apps.

“There’s a mix of new year’s resolutions there’s maybe some post-holiday breakups, Valentine’s Days right around the corner,” says Priti Joshi from Bumble.

An annual boost to a record-setting tear for the online dating industry, which has seen dramatic growth since the start of the pandemic.

The Match App saw a 40% increase in engagement, according to Match Group, which owns a family of dating apps including Hinge and Tinder.

“This year, we expect Dating Sunday to be the biggest day that dating apps have ever seen,” said Melissa Hodley with OkCupid.

Beyond more users and messages, the latest data also points to a shift in how users are connecting.

“Our users are really adopting something called slow dating. I’m calling it the new speed in town,” said Joshi.

According to popular dating app Bumble, video calls on its platform have increased by 70% since March.

Getting creative with virtual dates to build trust before meeting IRL.

In this busy season between the holidays and Valentine’s Day, Bumble’s offering tips on its new dating guide, like how to navigate the “COVID conversation.”

“The key thing to keep in mind, it has to be brought on early on in getting to know them,” said Dr. Ravina Kullar, infection disease specialist and epidemiologist.

Despite the challenges of painting up in a pandemic, Bumble’s data shows daters are optimistic.

“Nearly half of them believe that 2021 is the year to find love,” said Joshi.

Experts from Match and Bumble say the best time to log on is this Sunday between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. That’s when the most people will be online and more likely to respond.

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