Texas teen named finalist for national duct tape tuxedo competition

The winning finalist will receive a $10,000 scholarship

Kaleb Burch of New Braunfels entered a national Duck Tape competition and made it to the finals. (Jennifer Dingler)

A New Braunfels teen advanced to the finals in the 2022 Stuck at Prom scholarship competition after creating a tuxedo out of duct tape, our sister station KSAT reports.

Kaleb Burch, a high school graduate from San Antonio, made it to the top 5 contestants in the national contest hosted by Duck brand duct tape.

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In an interview with KSAT, Burch said he wanted to go for something that would look good and give off a good message that “being different is okay.”

“He said that sometimes being different in a cut-and-dry, black-and-white society makes one feel like they have a target on their back. Individuality is perfectly normal,” Kaleb’s mom Jennifer Dingler told KSAT.

Ten rolls of duct tape and 30 hours later, Burch claimed to have created his masterpiece and said it was a “wearable garment with a snazzy design.”

Eight-thousand students competed alongside Burch, and more than 100,000 rolls of Duck tape have been used to create Stuck at Prom designs so far, according to KSAT.

The winning finalist is said to receive a $10,000 scholarship from each of two categories — dresses and tuxedos, while eight runners-up will each get a $500 cash scholarship and $100 worth of Duck brand tape.

The winners of the competition will be announced on July 20, but until then, voting will take place every 24 hours until July 13.

Read more about Kaleb Burch’s story from our sister station at KSAT-TV.

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