Do your strawberries seem bigger? A Virginia Tech expert explains why

BLACKSBURG, Va. – You may notice strawberries are bigger than usual this year.

There are several reasons for the larger-than-life fruit, and it doesn’t include injecting them with chemicals.

Experts at Virginia Tech said a cooler spring led to an extended harvest — helping berries stay on the plant longer.

Another factor is an increase in moisture which improved irrigation and increased insect pollination.

“The flavor of the locally grown berries is a lot richer a lot more fresher relative to what you might find at the store so I really always encourage people to go pick them and enjoy the locally grown berries and support the local community,” said Jayesh Samtani, small fruit expert at Virginia Tech.

A larger size means strawberries are easier to pick, which could benefit farms that are short-staffed.

It also improves the fruit’s overall shelf life.