Donald Trump Jr. visits Liberty University

Trump Jr. made Liberty University one of his stops to talk about new book “Triggered”

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Donald Trump Jr. paid a visit to the Hill City on Wednesday.

Trump made Liberty University one of his stops as he is pushing his new book, “Triggered.”

The president’s son said his book exposes what the “left” does to smear and keep conservatives out of mainstream media.

The panel included Trump Jr., his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle, Liberty president Jerry Falwell Jr., and his wife Becky.

“’You should put this down on paper’ and you hear that once or twice and you’re like ‘eh.’ You hear it over and over and over and now it’s like now I got to do it,” Trump Jr. said.

“It’s pretty exciting because it’s cool that our school is able to pool some big-name speakers,” freshmen Joseph Keller said.

Students could by the book on campus for $5.

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