WATCH: No confirmed Michael Brown sightings in a week, US Marshals provide update on search

Marshals have received hundreds of tips

ROANOKE, Va. – It’s been a week since there’s been a new confirmed connection to Michael Brown, according to the US Marshals.

Brad Sellers with the Marshals addressed the media Thursday, providing an update in the search for the Marine wanted for murder in Franklin County.

Sellers said that since an RV connected to Brown was found near Grandin Village in Roanoke on Thursday, Nov. 14, there have been no confirmed sightings of Brown.

The Marshals have received 280 leads to investigate, mostly after the RV was discovered last week. More than a dozen search warrants filed in Franklin County court are sealed.

Sellers reminded the public that providing false reports and harboring a fugitive is illegal.

Also, as the investigations are happing in realtime, Sellers said it’s not possible to give residents in neighborhoods advance notice or provide clear answers during searches.

“I’m fearful that if we go into a wooded area looking for what may be a possible sighting of Mr. Brown and the public and the media start gathering in that area just because he was in one area hours before, if in fact, that turned out to be him, he may be in that area that people are gathering at and move on. So yeah, I’m concerned about that," said Brad Sellers, acting U.S. Marshal for the Western District of Virginia.

Authorities are working to balance disseminating important information without tipping off Brown.

There are more than a dozen search warrants related to this case but all of them are sealed.


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