What investigators know as the search for Michael Brown continues

Support for Michael Brown is growing as he remains on the run. (WSLS)

ROANOKE, Va. – The manhunt for alleged murder suspect and marine Michael Brown continues Friday morning.

US Marshals tell 10 News there are still no confirmed sightings of Brown.

Investigators say the RV in the church parking lot in Grandin is the last concrete piece of evidence they have to go on.

About 280 tips have come into the Marshals’ office over the past two weeks.

The Marshals say they believe Brown is still in southwest Virginia and are waiting for the right tip.

“The $10,000 reward remains out there, we’re still looking for that vital piece of information, I have no doubt that that one missing link is out there we simply need the right person to call within a timely manner and provide that to us,” said Brad Sellers, acting US Marshal for the Western District of Virginia

They’re encouraging people to say something as soon as they can and not wait to report it.

There are more than a dozen search warrants in franklin county court for this case but they are all sealed.