N.C. woman says nail salon butchered deer next to her pedicure

“I get scared that I’m going to see trash on the ground or weird smells, but not to see a dead deer.”

HIGH POINT, N.C. – A relaxing day at the nail salon turned into a visit that left one woman in shock.

“I get scared that I’m going to see trash on the ground or weird smells, but not to see a dead deer,” said Morgan Taylor, a High Point University student in North Carolina.

Taylor said that while she was getting a pedicure at Diamond Nails in High Point, North Carolina, a woman began to butcher meat next to her. She overheard it was deer.

"I was sitting there getting my nails done and looked over, and they were pulling out deer meat from a cooler and started cutting it without gloves on, on a tarp on the floor of the entry of the nail salon,” said Taylor.

She said other clients and employees were also there at the time but didn’t seem to care.

“I mean all the workers there were really nice to me, and they did a good job," Taylor said. "But I don’t think they thought that anyone would care and they didn’t think it was wrong to cut it in front of clients in the nail salon, which is surprising.”

Taylor, on the other hand, was worried about the sanitation of the salon. She reported the incident to the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Arts.

The Board is now investigating and said it’s never seen anything like this.

“Make sure you’re aware of what’s around you. If you see something gross say something and report it; because if it’s happening here it’s probably happening elsewhere” Taylor said.

Diamond Nails has a 96 sanitation rating. The person working at the front desk said the owners were out of town and did not want to speak about the incident.

The Board of Cosmetic Arts is trying to see if any codes were violated.