Virginia Tech students enjoy first snowfall of the year

Students built snowmen, went sledding

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Roads and sidewalks may have still been a little treacherous Tuesday afternoon as the snow slowly melted, but that wasn't reason enough for students to not enjoy the white stuff.

“I didn’t even know that it had snowed. I woke up and I found out that it snowed by my friends Snapchatting me," said sophomore Kara Smith. “They were, like, ‘It snowed in Blacksburg!’ and I was, like, ‘What?’ It was awesome, though. I found out that it snowed and I texted (my friend) Ben and was, like, ‘We have to go make a snowman.’”

“It was great. I was excited. I wanted to sled so bad, and of course, build a snowman," said sophomore Ben Wynn.

“I just came out on a break from work and I saw these guys," said sophomore Dejas Jagehari. "They were building a snowman, so I was, like, ‘Let’s make it a Deja.’”

Earlier in the day, though, they may have thought differently.

Snow covered roads across the NRV, leading to stuck vehicles and crashes.

Roads and sidewalks around campus were clear Tuesday evening, but they could become slick from refreezing after sundown.

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