Roanoke’s new drop-in center opens on Williamson Road

ROANOKE, Va. – A controversial new drop-in center is up and running in the Star City.

The space on Williamson Road officially opened Monday.

There's already a drop-in center downtown, but this serves the north end of the city.

Roanoke's Council of Community Services is running the center, which will offer free HIV and Hepatitis-C testing.

People can also sign up there for the new needle exchange program, but no needles will be taken or handed out there.

"This is a way for people to at least avoid other diseases such as Hepatitis-C and HIV. If they're going to continue to do the illegal drugs, at least they can practice other safe habits that will protect them and protect their family," said Anne Marie Green, president of the Council of Community Services.

Click here to learn more about Drop-In Center North.

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