ALCOVA Mortgage named Red Cross Workplace Hero for honoring veterans

ALCOVA to be honored at upcoming breakfast

ROANOKE, Va. – Sometimes being a hero is as simple as supporting other heroes.

That’s what ALCOVA, a local mortgage company, does each month.

Because of their efforts to support veterans, the Red Cross is honoring them with the Workplace Hero award.

Bobby Nicely, Rob Lindstrom and Billy Siple started ALCOVA Mortgage right after college.

For the three friends in their early twenties, it turned out to be a successful move.

They now employ more than 300 people.

“I think we take for granted sometimes just to start a company at 24-25 years old, we started it and been able to do that, you can't do that everywhere and there's a reason for that and there's a reason we have those freedoms and it didn't come without sacrifice,” said Nicely.

That sacrifice for freedom hit home for the three men when they lost a beloved classmate, Joshua Hurley, in 2003.

Losing Joshua inspired them to think of ways to give back to our veterans.

“Just looking at the opportunity we had to start this company and realizing that he didn't get that opportunity and that he gave the ultimate sacrifice for guys like us that came from the same small town, small community, be able to go forward and live out our dreams. He gave up all his dreams,” Nicely said.

Knowing many vets lay their dreams on the line, ALCOVA started honoring them each month with a Hometown Hero Award and a $500 check.

“We’ve had National Guardsmen to WWII veterans, so we’ve had people all over the gamut.”

One award presentation really stuck with Nicely after feedback from the veteran.

“He told the person that nominated him, the branch manager, he pulled him aside and said, 'You’ve given my kids a Christmas; we were not going to be able to afford a Christmas for our kids,” said Nicely.

While ALCOVA founders don’t believe they are heroes, they will gladly support those who are.

If you would like to nominate a veteran for ALCOVA’s Hometown Hero award click here.

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