Local singer-songwriter inspires others with new song about pandemic

HARDY, Va. – A song for the times: A local singer-songwriter’s new melody is touching the hearts of all who hear it. In referencing the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s called “We’re All in This Together.”

Jon Weems is a singer-songwriter from Hardy. Years ago he was involved in a tragic diving accident.

“It left me a C6 quadriplegic,” Weems said. “Which means I have paralysis in all four limbs. I can still move my arms but, for instance, I can’t really move my fingers.”

His love for music never left him. Using a stick to play each note on the piano and a clothespin like a sustain pedal, he can record and mix his own music from the comfort of his bedroom.

"On YouTube I've got, probably about 20 songs or more," Weems said.

Friends like Sherrie Gardner are raving over his latest hit, "We're All in This Together."

"I think it's been very touching and very moving, Gardner said, “And it's a great way for people to kind of come together during this hard time."

It’s a song that practically wrote itself.

"Usually it takes me a long time to write a song,” Weems said, “But this one came out pretty quickly."

Its main message shines through the second half of the chorus.

"With our hearts and minds united, we are strong enough to fight it, we're not really so divided with the love we share," Weems said.

It’s something you don’t have to be together for, to share. To hear this song or other music, you can visit his website.