“Country gals” have close encounter with turkey in Lynchburg

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Two “country gals” were on a Sunday drive when they made an unlikely friend.

Steph and Karen were in Lynchburg near Frito Lay on Sunday when they decided to go take a look at a creek. The two noticed a female turkey, and once they got its attention, they did a buck call, and this big “mama” turkey reacted in an unexpected way — that’s when they went live on Facebook.

The turkey hopped on top of Karen’s car, square on top of her sunroof.

“Now that’s what you call a turkey but,” said Karen, laughing as Steph showed a view of the turkey’s butt through the sunroof to their nine Facebook live viewers at the time.

The two tried several different tactics to get the turkey off their car, including a buck call and starting the car, which just led to the turkey to show off her big claws and shake her tail feathers before getting back to her grooming routine.

Steph eventually started to slowly drive off, which didn’t seem to phase the turkey, but she eventually hopped off their car.

The two say there’s a Sunday school lesson in there somewhere about a turkey, and they’ll let their viewers know when they find it.