‘I would anticipate playing football’: Virginia Tech AD says games could happen this fall

Coronavirus has put sporting events on hold

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Many sporting events are still up in the air, including football games this fall, but there’s still hope the Hokies can take the field.

In a virtual meeting Friday morning with officials from Virginia Tech and the town of Blacksburg to discuss the impact of the coronavirus, Virginia Tech athletic director Whit Babcock said he anticipates having games in the fall.

He also said, though, nothing is set in stone and plans for pushing the season back to the winter or spring are being discussed.

“I would anticipate a six-week return-to-play model, meaning six weeks to give everybody a chance to get their young people back and ready to play. If the season were to start on time, that would be a July 25, approximately, start time," Babcock said.

He expects to have a better idea of what will happen in June.