Buena Vista School superintendent agrees to stay on one more year

Keeler was set to retire at the end of June

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BUENA VISTA, Va. – Buena Vista City School Superintendent John Keeler is staying on for one more year after the school board asked him to.

Keeler was set to retire at the end of June this year after more than 30 years in education. The 2020-2021 school year will mark his eighth year as superintendent for the school division.

Keeler said they got more than 20 applications for the position, but the board felt like they needed him to help guide decisions during COVID-19.

When he retires in June 2021, he will have 35 years in education.

Franklin County Superintendent Mark Church was also asked to stay on as the school system leader with everything going on.

The Roanoke City School Board plans to name a new superintendent soon, with the idea of that person starting June 1.

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