Local business owner switches from healing humans to healing animals amidst coronavirus

ROANOKE, Va. – There's no doubt the coronavirus pandemic has been extremely difficult for businesses, but one local business owner who focuses on helping others has been thinking outside the box and is making the best out of the situation.

Linda Bailey, the owner of Total You Health in Roanoke, is continuing her mission by changing up who’s she’s helping. She usually focuses on healing patients’ aches and pains with photobiomodulation, also known as red light therapy.

Photobiomodulation is traditionally used on people in chronic pain, but this is also seen to relieve symptoms for depression, anxiety, and other conditions.

Social distancing made it nearly impossible to treat her usual patients. So, she made the tough decision to close her doors to her human clients and take her healing equipment to the barn.

"There are protocols for all kinds of conditions — for horses, humans, dogs, cats,” Bailey said.

Bailey said while the pandemic has been tough on her business, it’s also opened new doors she never thought of before, like providing therapy to animals.

“It’s a blessing, really,” Bailey said.

It’s a revenue stream that’s not only kept her afloat during this time but will last even when the pandemic is over.

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