2020 “Home for Good” project officially begins

Homebuyer, community members raised the first wall for the house on Friday

ROANOKE, Va. – 10 News officially kicked off the 2020 “Home for Good” project on Friday by raising the first wall of the home being built along Moorman Avenue in Roanoke.

"Home for Good" is done in partnership with Habitat for Humanity in the Roanoke Valley and generous community sponsors.

“It feels really good in light of all the, kind of the bad news that we’ve all been surrounded with lately, it feels really great to come together and celebrate something that gives us a little dose of joy,” said Karen Mason, Habitat’s Executive Director, during Friday’s wall-raising celebration.

In about four months, Courtney Warren and her family will turn the house into a home. Warren, her three children and her nephew will move into the home once it is complete.

"I need to be able to leave something for my children," Warren said. "I want to go back to school to better myself so I can be a great role model for them."

Warren will work alongside Habitat staff and volunteers to build the two-story home. Mayor Sherman Lea of Roanoke said it is the Roanoke way for everyone in the community to pitch in and help each other.

"This is why we're an All-American city because of the people, your commitment and the things we do in this city to help others," Lea said. "We're a compassionate city."

Work on the home as a part of this year’s “Home for Good” project was originally scheduled to start in early April, but the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the start of construction. It’s now expected to be completed in the fall.

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