Crowd marches in Christiansburg calling for police accountability

More than 100 people attended Wednesday’s rally

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – Protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death have popped up all across Virginia.

On Wednesday, the movement came to Christiansburg.

More than a 100 people attended the Black Lives Matter rally for police accountability. The event started in Depot Park before the crowd marched down Franklin Street to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

Protest organizer Devin Lanier believes Christiansburg’s crowd shows how impactful Floyd’s death by a police officer has become.

“It’s a catalyst," Lanier said. "It’s saying we’re not going to wait any longer because we’ve been given a lot of broken promises. It’s definitely a turning point.”

The crowd featured many people from Christiansburg, including Kyla Dance, who felt compelled to do more than just voice her concerns about racism and police brutality on social media.

“In a movement like this, it’s important that they’re not fighting this fight alone,” Dance said. “We have to get in there and fight this battle as well if change is ever going to happen.”