3,500 Republican delegates could travel to Lynchburg Saturday to select 5th District nominee

Incumbent Denver Riggleman, Bob Good are on the ballot

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Convention time is winding down for members of Virginia’s 5th District Republican Committee.

The group is using its time to answer last minute questions on Facebook from delegates who will be voting during a unique convention.

“It’s different in the stance that it’s not going to be an assembled convention because of our COVID-19 situation,” Melvin Adams, chairman, said.

Come Saturday, about 3,500 people will drive-thru the Tree of Life Ministries church parking lot to cast their votes for either incumbent Representative Denver Riggleman or his challenger, Bob Good.

Riggleman came under fire by members of his own party last year after officiating a same-sex wedding.

He said he’s confident he can still get people to vote for him despite the criticism.

“I think that’s one of the things that we have to look at as a Republican party is, we’ve always been about individual liberties and we need to take that mantle back,” Riggleman said.

Bob Good is a former Campbell County supervisor and used to work at Liberty University’s athletics department.

He declined to do an interview with 10 News.

In a typical convention, organizers said 70% of delegates attend.

Right now, there’s no telling what that will look like since people will be could be making hours-long trip to the Hill City to vote.

“By the time that folk come to the convention they need to have their mind made up,” Adams said.

The 5th District stretches from Northern Virginia to the North Carolina border and is larger in land mass than the state of New Jersey.

Polls open Saturday at 8:30 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.

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