Bedford County students now banned from wearing Confederate flag imagery

Board voted 4-2 in favor of the ban

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. – Students in Bedford County schools will no longer be allowed to wear Confederate flag imagery.

The Bedford County School Board voted 4-2 in favor of the ban, which comes as a change to the dress code within the Student Code of Conduct.

“I think we are really setting ourselves up to single students out and add division amongst people or groups that do not need to be there. It has not caused disruption amongst our schools, much less for our school system and I think we are doing a disservice to our community and to our students but I’ll leave it at that,” said Marcus Hill, one of the members who voted against the ban.

Susan Kirby also voted against the ban, while Georgia Hairston, John Hicks Jr., Jason Johnson and Susan Mele voted to enact the ban. Martin Leamy was not present at the meeting.

Prior to the vote, here is how the first part of the school division’s banned clothing list read:

“Attire that has language or images that are offensive, profane, or vulgar.”

Below is how that section will now read:

“Attire that has language or images that are offensive, profane, vulgar, discriminatory, or racially/culturally divisive. This would include Confederate flags, swastikas, KKK references, or any other images that might reasonably be considered hurtful or intimidating to others.”

A change.org petition signed by more than 1,800 people was asking for this ban.

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