Former officer charged with shooting Wythe County deputies had charges dropped in prior domestic incidents

Ricky Delk was a police officer with Daytona Beach from 2008-2011

New details about man charged in shooting
New details about man charged in shooting

WYTHE COUNTY, VA. – The former Florida police officer who authorities said shot two Wythe County deputies Tuesday night has a paper trail of violence and domestic incidents. In two documented situations, Ricky Delk was charged by police but the charges were later dropped.

[Suspect in Wythe County deputy-involved shooting used to be a police officer]

Delk was an officer in Daytona Beach when his then-wife, a former police officer herself, called 911 to report him for wanting to shoot himself.

Police charged him with firing a gun inside the home and had him committed. The charge was eventually dropped. His wife told police at the time he wanted to commit suicide by cop.

Later in 2019, Delk was involved in another incident with his new wife and her family. Court records show Delk attacked his wife, his wife’s daughter and his brother-in-law. He also tried to strangle himself with a belt. He was charged with three counts of battery in that case, but those charges were also dropped.

Court records show on multiple occasions police tried to take his guns to no avail. While out on bail for the 2019 incident, Delk petitioned the court to be able to leave the state, to go on a previously scheduled trip to Wytheville to scout property for his next family home.

Delk remains in the hospital as of Wednesday night.

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