‘Every corner is a crosswalk’: Roanoke campaign promotes rules of the road

Hundreds of driver safety signs now occupy Roanoke street corners

ROANOKE, Va. – A new safety campaign hopes to make it easier for Roanokers to cross the road.

The City of Roanoke and Ride Solutions joined forces for a pedestrian safety campaign, which officially launched Friday.

City traffic engineer Andrea Garland believes urgent action is required due to recent cases of cars striking pedestrians.

“This year alone, we already have had 18 pedestrian crashes and 3 deaths,” Garland said. “That is just too many.”

The campaign will feature 400 signs placed at street corners all across the city, emblazoned with the slogan: “Every Corner Is A Crosswalk.”

“I hope people will say, ‘I really notice now when I am at a corner trying to cross the street, drivers are stopping for me,‘” Garland said.

Virginia law states pedestrians have the right to safely cross any intersection, regardless of if there is a painted crosswalk.

Sarah Hayashi knows the law, but said she has struggles crossing the street in her neighborhood of Wasena.