Reward offered in animal abuse cases: Dog thrown out of car, cats abandoned in Danville

Animals are recovering at shelter

DANVILLE, Va. – A local animal shelter is offering rewards in two separate cases of animal abuse in three days.

A $1,000 reward is being offered for a dog brought to the Danville Area Humane Society on Monday.

The person who brought it in said they saw it get thrown out of a car.

The shelter’s executive director, Paulette Dean, said Tuesday that the dog is emotionally traumatized, has bad teeth and is very skinny.

On Saturday, eight cats, including four kittens, were brought in after they were found in a closed tote outside a restaurant in Danville.

A $1,000 reward is also being offered and PETA is offering an additional $5,000.

“It’s horrifying that people would do this when, in each case, a 10-minute drive would have brought them to the shelter and our answer would’ve been, ‘Yes, of course we’ll take them,‘” said Dean.

The cats and the dog will eventually be up for adoption.

Contact the shelter at 434-799-0843 if you have any information about these cases.

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