Comments from Liberty’s head football coach on COVID-19 testing spark complaints

“We’ve gone over two weeks without having a test."

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Liberty football is hearing complaints from upcoming opponents about their coronavirus testing protocols.

This comes after the head coach claims the school hasn’t been testing their athletes regularly.

“We’ve gone over two weeks without having a test because no one’s experiencing any symptoms. Everyone is out of quarantine. We haven’t had a positive in over three weeks. So we’re blessed right now,” said High Freeze, head football coach at Liberty University.

Those words from Freeze on Friday raised eyebrows, ESPN quoting Syracuse’s athletic director as saying, “Coach Freeze’s comments describing Liberty’s inadequate approach to COVID-19 testing are deeply troubling.”

The Liberty athletics department has since issued a response saying they are following CDC and other guidelines, and has done baseline testing for the entire football team bubble.

Liberty also says it will follow NCAA requirements for testing, and meet other guidelines from each conference if those are above the NCAA standard.

They also mentioned daily screening is happening, with the same company all ACC schools are for in-season testing.

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