Angels of Assisi rescues 18 animals from Hurricane Laura’s deadly path

Those pets will be up for adoption starting next week!

ROANOKE, Va. – Tails are wagging and cats are meowing happily at Angels of Assisi in Roanoke. The shelter workers drove out to Richmond International Airport on Wednesday to rescue nine dogs and nine cats from animal shelters in Texas that would have been hit by Hurricane Laura.

Director Lisa O’Neill said that many animal shelters in the south have outdoor kennels and dogs run the risk of drowning. However, floodwaters are not the only danger to animals’ lives.

“Most likely, these animals would have been euthanized because those shelters had to make room for animals that were going to be displaced from the hurricane that was coming through,” said O’Neill. “It’s less common than it used to be, but it’s still too common.”

Angels teamed up with the Petco Foundation and Wings of Rescue, who saved 130 animals in total. Other shelters across Virginia took them in.

Isabella, a puppy rescued from an animal shelter in Texas ahead of Hurricane Laura, is held by a worker from Angels of Assisi. (WSLS)

Kathleen Legg with Angels of Assisi picked up the little guys on the tarmac.

“We try not to just help animals local, but also throughout the region. We just want to do lifesaving work and help as many animals as we possibly can,” said Legg.

After a long and stressful journey, these pets will get some rest, medical care and extra belly rubs until they find a new home.

“They got out of the storm’s way. They’ve got a second chance. They’ve got a fresh start,” said O’Neill.

With all the new mouths to feed, Angels of Assisi is asking for donations to help with the cost of food and vet bills.

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