Horizon Behavioral Health gives free resources, yard signs during Mental Health Matters week

September is National Recovery Month and National Suicide Prevention Month

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va.Horizon Behavioral Health is giving out free pick-me-ups, simple reminders and resources to support your mental health and wellness.

Januwaa Davis is the program manager of prevention and wellness services at Horizon. She told 10 New the impact of the pandemic, racial injustice movement or the upcoming election are all risks to someone’s mental health. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control said nearly 40% of us are experiencing increased anxiety and depression due to the pandemic. That doesn’t include everything else going on.

From Aug. 31 to Sept. 5, staff will be at different locations giving out items like medication lockboxes, medication disposal bags, gun locks, journals and more.

Lockboxes for your gun and medication may not seem like obvious mental health resources, but when it comes to prevention Davis said it can make a difference.

“(It’s) for people who may have medications in their homes that they need to get rid of no longer use or want, and that’s why we’re providing the medication items. That’s really helpful in the aid of opioid addiction but then (also) the fight against suicide in our community,” said Davis.

According to the CDC, those who already struggle with addiction, depression and thoughts of suicide are at a greater risk for relapse due to the stress of increased isolation and anxiety-like during the pandemic.

September is both National Recovery Month and National Suicide Prevention Month, so it made sense to Horizon to do Mental Health Matters Week in the first week of September.

Aside from mental wellness tools and resources, Horizon will also be giving out yard signs and masks to spread encouragement and positivity.

The goal is to give out one thousand yard signs across Lynchburg and surrounding counties.

Signs and masks will a variety of 10 messages like, “life’s tough but you’re tougher”, “this too shall pass”, “your mistakes do not define you” and “find calm in the chaos”.

Davis wants these words of encouragement to touch the hearts of everyone who sees them whether it’s on a yard sign or mask.

“We just want them to feel hope. Hope is not canceled there’s a lot going on but we want people to feel hopeful, we want them to feel encouraged, we want them to know that we may be going through this today but this too shall pass and there’s always light at the end of the tunnel,” said Davis.

Throughout the month, Horizon will also have virtual presentations on the power of positivity.

You can pick up a mask and sign at any of the Mental Health Matters events at Horizon locations.

Below are the remaining events, all are 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

  • Campbell County:

Wednesday, Sept. 2, Horizon Wellness Center at 37 Village Highway, Rustburg

  • Bedford County:

Thursday, Sept. 3, Horizon Wellness Center at 1409 Ole Dominion Blvd., Bedford

  • Lynchburg:

Saturday, Sept. 5, Horizon Wellness Center at 2215 Langhorne Road, Lynchburg

Horizon Behavioral Health helps people dealing with mental illness, substance abuse and intellectual disabilities in the city of Lynchburg as well as Amherst, Appomattox, Campbell and Bedford counties.

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