Danville issues warning after scammers threaten people’s utilities to steal information

They are targeting households, rather than businesses

DANVILLE, Va. – If you get a call that your utilities will be disconnected in a half-hour, know this... it’s a scam.

The city of Danville is warning residents that scammers are spoofing a local phone number as Danville Utilities to make calls threatening people.

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The caller claims to be with the utilities department, threatens to disconnect service if the customer does not make immediate payment and then asks for the customer’s debit or credit card number.

Danville Utilities does not call customers about disconnects; rather, any notice of disconnection is done by mail.

If you receive a call from someone you do not know and who is urging you to make a payment to Danville Utilities, write down the phone number, hang up and then contact the Division of Customer Accounts at 434-799-5125 or visit the Charles H. Harris Financial Service Center, which is located at 311 Memorial Drive.

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