Virginia Tech graduates' Halloween candy slide goes viral

A Virginia couple came up with a way to partake in socially distanced trick-or-treating

A Virginia couple found the answer to socially distanced trick-or-treating.

Chris and Nicole Minor, who are also Virginia Tech graduates, created a candy slide after realizing they weren’t happy tossing candy off their porch to trick-or-treaters.

When you have an engineer and a future pediatrician working together, any fun idea seems possible.

“I’m sure that we can just toss candy to kids when they come up to the door, but that’s no fun, you know. We want to do something interesting with this,” Chris said.

The husband and wife duo hit up the PVC pipe aisle at their local hardware store.

“We were like, you know, we could actually put legs on this thing and we could build a whole contraption out of this and paint it and put decorations on it, so it just kind of grew into what it is,” said Chris.

After building and testing their brainchild, he posted a picture to Facebook. To his surprise, people loved it.

“I log on to Facebook a few hours later and it’s been shared by thousands and thousands of people and it just absolutely blows my mind that so many people have taken such interest in it,” said Chris.

Those interested have even started posting their own variation ideas in the comments.

“This thing has so many applications. There are people that have different style steps on their front porch and people might want theirs to be different colors, have different decorations on it,” said Chris.

Chris even switched up the end of the pipe on his original design to make it safer.

“The candy slide can even be used by children with disabilities if they’re in a wheelchair or can’t walk up the steps to ring the doorbell,” Chris said.

This tool may be a trick-or-treat saver in 2020, but he plans to keep it around.

“Oh yeah, this is our new method of trick or treating for sure,” said Chris.

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