Census count will end Oct. 15 after Supreme Court decision

You can fill out your information online until 6 a.m. Friday

RADFORD, Va. – Census season is wrapping up early.

The Supreme Court decided Tuesday to overturn a lower-court ruling and grant President Donald Trump’s administration permission to end the 2020 Census count early.

The count will now end on Oct. 15, but you can still fill out your information online until 6 a.m. on Oct. 16.

Radford University political science professor Allyson Yankle said she anticipated the Supreme Court’s decision, but worries about the implications of it.

“A lot of the Roberts-led Supreme Court decisions have been deferential to state governments or federal agencies, so this fits in with the pattern,” Yankle said. “This has huge effects on grants for local businesses. This count tells us where we should build schools.”

The Census Bureau reports 99.9% of Americans are accounted for, including the same percentage of Virginians. Their statistics report about 70% of Virginians self-reported their information without the help of a census taker.

Yankle said even a small miscount can have big effects for cities and towns across the commonwealth.

“It’s not just about redistricting or coming up with assured numbers,” Yankle said. “This comes back to your community. It’s not just about you; it’s about your neighbors and your teachers.”

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