Democrat Mark Warner seeks third term in U.S. Senate

‘We need people who’ve got a proven record of actually delivering, who actually know that it’s more about the future versus the past’

ROANOKE, Va. – This year’s U.S. Senate race in Virginia pits a well-known incumbent against a political newcomer.

Mark Warner is no stranger to Virginia voters. He’s a businessman turned governor, turned U.S. senator. It’s that familiarity he’s hoping will earn him a third term in the Senate.

“I think that record of getting things done is what I hope people will evaluate me on. Are there things we can do better? Absolutely,” Warner said.

Healthcare has taken center-stage in his campaign this time around. Warner voted for the Affordable Care Act and does not support Republican-led efforts to repeal and replace it now.

“I think it should be built upon. I think we need to bring down drug prices by giving the government power to negotiate with the pharmaceutical companies. They’ve got way too much power,” Warner said.

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The Democrat calls the White House’s response to the coronavirus a failure. With a second COVID relief package still up in the air in the Senate, Warner told 10 News he’s willing to meet Republicans in the middle. He said his priorities are testing, extra money for frontline workers, assisting small businesses and local governments and finding a vaccine.

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