Local organizations send more than 100,000 pounds of relief items to Hurricane Zeta victims

Truckloads of donations heading to the Gulf

Local organizations provide relief
Local organizations provide relief

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Two local organizations are stepping up to send truckloads of relief to those affected by Hurricane Zeta.

God’s Pit Crew and Gleaning for the World are helping people in Mississippi and Louisiana, respectively.

They’re shipping more than 100,000 pounds of items including personal care products, water, blankets and snacks.

“We had the supplies in our warehouse to be able to send our first truckload down there, and also we had a partner come out and say they wanted to supply the funds for the shipping,” said Teresa Davis, communications director with Gleaning for the World.

“All of the trucks have a variety of product on them,” said Randy Johnson, founder and director of God’s Pit Crew, “But one of the key ingredients is our ‘blessing bucket,’ which is a five-gallon bucket filled with a variety of personal hygiene supplies: soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste.”

Both organizations already sent multiple truckloads to the Gulf this year to help with hurricane relief.

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