Sen. Kaine criticizes President Trump on troop removal, COVID-19 response and transition of power

‘It’s not just a matter of a child complaining when he didn’t win a board game’

WASHINGTON D.C. – Virginia Senator Tim Kaine was critical of several decisions made by the Trump administration this week while speaking to reporters.

The democrat Senator spoke on several topics ranging from the coronavirus pandemic, Afghanistan troop removal to the transition of power and the election.

On the coronavirus front, Kaine referred to the president’s behavior as “childish” and a threat to “national security.”

With every new announcement of COVID-19 vaccine trial success, the distribution plan becomes more important. However, Sen. Kaine says there is no plan on the national level.

He says certain things need to be made clear by the Trump Administration like how a refrigerated vaccine is efficiently delivered to rural areas or how those of low-income will access it.

Transition blunders between the current administration and incoming team are also delaying plans, he says.

“It’s not just a matter of a child complaining when he didn’t win a board game. This will have life or death consequences if we can’t immediately start working with the incoming transition team with the Biden administration to make sure the vaccine distribution is done in the best way possible,” said Sen. Kaine.

In a “purely political move,” Kaine criticized the President’s decision to remove troops in Afghanistan and beyond. He says he is worried about counter-terrorism efforts as well as assisting our troops to provide in that region.

“This is an extremely dangerous move that is going to make Afghanistan more dangerous. The Afghan senior leadership still say they have not been briefed about this. They do not want us to do it. They are not asking us to leave,” expressed Sen. Kaine.

As President-elect Joe Biden assembles a transition team, Sen. Kaine believes most of these issues will remain unaddressed as the Trump Administration “delays the process.”

“It’s not harming anybody to start letting the Biden transition team use resources that Congress has set aside for the transition, so they can do their job and be in a position to help Americans at a maximum level on inauguration day and thereafter,” said Sen. Kaine.

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