Sherman Lea, Stephanie Moon Reynolds sworn in as Roanoke mayor, councilwoman

Councilmembers Trish White-Boyd, Robert Jeffery to take oath Friday

ROANOKE, Va. – Roanoke’s mayor is officially back for another term, and a fresh face has now joined Roanoke City Council.

Mayor Sherman Lea and Councilwoman Stephanie Moon Reynolds both took their oaths of office Thursday afternoon after winning their respective elections last month.

Lea returns for a second term as mayor, while Moon Reynolds transitions to city council from a 42-year career as Roanoke’s city clerk.

Lea said he is excited to lead in his new term with new councilmembers Moon Reynolds and Robert Jeffrey.

“The hard work begins now,” Lea said. “Roanoke is a resilient city with resilient people, and I’m proud to be mayor of this city.”

Jeffrey and fellow councilmember Trish White-Boyd will be sworn into office on Friday. White-Boyd has also been elected as Roanoke’s vice-mayor, replacing councilmember Joe Cobb.

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