Virginia Tech students return to Blacksburg after pandemic holiday break

Students will continue moving back until January 24

Virginia Tech students are starting to return after holiday break.

BLACKSBURG, Va. – The residence halls at Virginia Tech have been empty for nearly a month, but the winter migration of Hokies back to Blacksburg is officially underway.

Students such as freshman Lamis Osman loaded up their cars with all of the essentials, even driving four hours to make it back to campus.

“I feel like I had a pretty good experience for the fall semester, so I think the spring semester is going to be a good, smooth semester,” said Osman.

Meanwhile, parents like Andy Riley said goodbye to their college-age children once again.

“We’ve had a nice time having her home, and we’re going to miss her, but we know this is where she needs to be,” Riley said.

The moving process remains the same as last semester. It’s spread out over a week and students have to sign up for half-hour slots. Additionally, every Hokie living on campus has to take a COVID-19 test.

“She’s done it before, I don’t know if there’s any emotion associated with it at this point. It’s just procedure, you do what you’ve got to do,” said Riley.

The influx of fresh faces is good news for Blacksburg businesses such as Tea and Jam.

“Our customer base consists of quite a bit of students, so it’s beneficial that they’re back,” said Molly Hackley with Tea and Jam.

The tea house hopes to attract students with their new addition: weatherproof domes right outside of the restaurant.

“It’s looking pretty positive. Tea and Jam is still a new business, but we think it’s getting popular,” said Hackley.

Virginia Tech students will continue moving back until January 24.

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