‘Let us play’: Alleghany High School students protest postponed sports season

Students hope school board takes note of their frustration

ALLEGHANY COUNTY, Va. – Alleghany High School is experiencing a season without sports due to COVID-19 concerns, but a group of students walked out of class in an effort to get the games going again.

More than twenty students, including many athletes, protested in front of the high school Friday morning. Many of them held signs with the slogan, “Let Us Play,” which was also spray-painted on a rock at the school entrance.

“If we can follow the guidelines to be in school, we can follow the guidelines to play sports,” said junior Leighton Gibson.

The protest comes three days after the school board discussed the future of the athletic season during their board meeting.

Students such as Erik Honaker hope board members take note of their frustration.

“I play indoor track and cross country...those are not contact sports,” Honaker said. “We’re just fighting to play the other sports seasons. It’s nearly impossible to play winter sports at this point.”

Some parents such as Kim Anderson also showed up at the high school to support the students.

“Sports and everything else is being cancelled and they don’t get to go to school every day,” said Anderson, who’s son attends elementary school in Alleghany County. “It’s really mentally tough on them.”

Alleghany County Public Schools supported the students’ right to protest, but declined to comment on the protest itself.

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