Christiansburg unveils driving tour to teach Black history

Christiansburg Institute created the map, which highlights locations important to the town’s Black history

CHRISTIANSBURG., Va. – You can now learn Black history by hopping into your car and going for a drive.

From the locations where slaves were once sold, to the playground where children were once segregated, Christiansburg holds valuable Black history.

That’s why Christiansburg Institute created a map highlighting five locations to create a driving tour.

The non-profit’s executive director, Chris Sanchez, said he hopes the 3.4-mile trail will inspire people to preserve the legacy African-Americans have already paved.

“People may start to ask themselves...the beginning of what I did not know was here. How much more is out there?” Sanchez said. “I hope that translates into getting involved in grassroots efforts.”

Taking it a step further, if you scan the QR code on the non-profit’s website you can learn more about each destination and view historical photos.

Sanchez said he hopes to work with other organizations to expand the tour and cross county lines to highlight other monumental areas.

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