Eight indicted on drug charges in ‘Operation Justice Without Borders,’ Danville police say

More than $125,000 worth of drugs seized, 72 indictments filed

Eight people have been charged and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of drugs have been seized in Operation Justice Without Borders, according to the Danville Police Department.

Authorities said the department teamed up with the Caswell County Sheriff’s Office for a seven-month-long investigation in response to the rise in opioid-related overdoses in Danville that police saw in the spring of 2020.

During the investigation, authorities said several people were identified as being responsible for trafficking illegal drugs, specifically heroin, fentanyl and methamphetamine, across state lines.

“That’s why the partnership was obviously so important to us,” said Lt. David Whitley with the Danville Police Department. “Not only resources and the information sharing, but just the ability to be able to follow the drugs where the drugs went and ultimately be able to get those drugs in our possession versus them ending up on the street and potentially costing lives.”

Below is a summary of the operation, which concluded in February:

  • 8 people charged, 2 still wanted
  • 46 combined total controlled purchase operations
  • 72 indictments
  • 7 guns seized
  • Narcotics seized included heroin, fentanyl, cocaine/crack, marijuana, methamphetamine and prescription narcotics
  • Total weight of drugs seized: 3,869.5 grams
  • Approximate street value of drugs seized: $126,187

Authorities said there are investigations that stem from this operation that are active and ongoing.

CORRECTION: Danville Police released a correction. Their original release listed 12 people that were indicted, then corrected to say 10 people were indicted. It has since been corrected again to list 8 people.

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