Sen. Tim Kaine gives thumbs up to Virginia marijuana legalization

However, he is concerned about people driving while impaired

Sen. Tim Kaine agrees with the move to legalize marijuana but said it still needs some fine-tuning.

ROANOKE, Va. – Starting July 1, recreational marijuana will be legal in the commonwealth.

It’s a move Sen. Tim Kaine agrees with but said still needs some fine-tuning.

Amendments from Gov. Ralph Northam were originally meant to take effect in 2024.

But Wednesday, lawmakers accelerated legalization to this year.

However, people driving under the influence is still a concern.

While a breathalyzer helps measure alcohol levels, Kaine hopes to see a solution to measure marijuana levels.

“We’re going to have to figure that out for marijuana because it’s legal but you don’t want to have people impaired,” Kaine said.

Kaine hopes to see the nation legalize marijuana and is a sponsor of the federal bill.

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