Volunteers still needed for Virginia’s Blue Ridge IronMan race

About a thousand people will make sure the event goes to plan

ROANOKE, VA. – The IronMan in Virginia’s Blue Ridge is about a month away, and if you’re not competing there’s still a chance to be part of it all.

The local IronMan committee said they still need a few hundred volunteers. About a thousand people are needed to help with the event, although a majority carried over from the pandemic-related delay the year prior.

No athletic ability is required, but you may be on your feet for a while or doing physical work. Organizers said it’s a great way to show competitors from around the area what our region is all about.

“So they get a little flavor of all the different parts that we have to show America and the world really, so I think having a strong community front is exceptionally important for this, it’s the first time here so we need to show the athletes and the community that we can do this and that it can come back here, and we’re going to be great and be strong together,” local volunteer director Sarah Klemencic said.

There’s a volunteer sign-up event at Starr Hill in Roanoke on Monday night.

You can find more information at the signup website here.

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