Prepare for hurricane season now to stay safe and dry later

May 9 to May 15 is Hurricane Preparedness Week, Pulaski Co. and JES Foundation Repair shares tips

Hurricane season is from June 1 to Nov. 30, but Pulaski County Emergency Management Coordinator Brad Wright warns not to wait until then to get everything in order.

When those types of storms move through the area, Pulaski County sees flash flooding. To get ready, the county is making repairs to any swift water rescue equipment and stocking up on drinking water and sandbags.

Wright also mentioned the town of Pulaski is even looking at the different ways they can mitigate flood-prone areas. As cities, towns and counties prepare, so should you.

“When a hurricane starts it’s going to be over a broad area so go ahead and prepare now because those resources and items that we need the closer we get to the system or the days of the event are going to be hard to get,” said Wright.

Here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • Find out if you’re in a flood-prone area by clicking here
  • Get or update your flood insurance because it takes 30 days to be in full effect
  • Sign up for your city or county’s warning system
  • Make a plan for your family including pets

For additional tips, click here. For preparation tips in case of a flood, click here.

JES Foundation Repair is also helping people get a head start on hurricane preparation.

Production manager, Nic Spruill said for people who already see water in your basement or crawl spaces when we get heavy rain you can only expect it to get worse during hurricane season. He said it can quickly change from a water problem to a structural problem for your home.

The company recommends cleaning out your gutters now, make sure it releases water 10 feet away from your home’s foundation, if that’s not possible you can just get an extension.

JES Foundation Repair also offers free inspections to first-time customers. For existing customers, there is a proactive service where flood tests are done to make sure the pumps work when you need them to.

While flood insurance helps after the damage is made, Spruill said their suggestion are so conditions don’t get that far.

“The type of work that we do is preventative so typically they’re going to fix everything that was damaged but that’s not necessarily going to take care of the actual problem itself. That’s where a company like JES comes into,” said Spruill.

He also mentioned there are battery-backed waterproofing systems in case you lose power in a storm those pumps would still work.

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