Clash over curriculum as Lynchburg City Schools approves equity lessons

LCS school board voted 7-1, approving the curriculum for the upcoming school year

LYNCHBURG, Va. – There’s concern over high school equity lessons recently approved by the Lynchburg City School Board.

Andrew Glover founded the Conservative Parents of Lynchburg, a group of more than 200 parents and educators. They claim the curriculum promotes the concept of critical race theory.

“The challenge is this is not a ‘this or that,’ it’s about coming together. Critical race theory doesn’t come together. It says, ‘You’re victimizing me, and nothing you can say will convince me otherwise,’” said Glover.

The LCS board voted 7-1 on June 1, approving the curriculum for the upcoming school year.

It includes changes to two existing high school classes and adding a third one focused on those who want to get into education.

Despite concerns, school board Chairman Dr. James Coleman is calling on the community to work together.

“Let’s not be divisive, and let’s figure out how we go about this in the best way possible to help educate,” said Coleman.

Dr. Brandy Faulkner, a Gloria D. Smith professor of African Studies at Virginia Tech, says there are multiple ways to teach inclusion.

“Most diversity and inclusion work is not done from a critical race theory perspective. Critical race theory is one of many different theories that explore relationships between race and society and power,” said Faulkner.

“Critical race theory has been around for a while, and truly it is not being what is being suggested in a more diverse or political partisan way,” said Coleman.

Glover says equity and diversity lessons are important, but there are other ways to learn from past events to have a better future.

“It is only through acknowledging our past that we can change the history. But by saying ‘the entire world is out to get me,’ it creates class conflict,” said Glover.

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