Baby birds rescued after falling out of Christiansburg tree

Rescue possible thanks to a good Samaritan and the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke

A nest of baby birds was rescued in Christiansburg. (WSLS)

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – A nest of baby birds is safe thanks to a good Samaritan and The Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center of Roanoke.

A Christiansburg man spotted the nest of birds that had fallen out of a tree. None of the birds were injured in the fall.

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He called the center for help and was able to successfully return the birds to their nest before their parents returned.

The center posted on Facebook about the rescue Saturday night:

“We love situations when wildlife can remain in the wild! John Crowder of Christiansburg called us after a nest of birds fell out of a tree. These birds are just slightly
too young to be out of the nest but were uninjured in the fall. Thankfully, John was able to place the nest and the babies back into the tree and with our instruction
watched the nest from afar to see if parents returned within the hour. Thankfully the parents came back and started tending to their chicks! Not every baby animal
needs to come into rehab – some just need a little helping hand to get where they belong. Thank you John for being one of many wildlife heroes we have in
Virginia! #swvawildlifecenter

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