Two pipeline protestors arrested after locking themselves to broken-down car in Roanoke County

Three MVP protesters have attached themselves to a broken down car in Bent Mountain (Credit: Appalachians Against Pipelines) (WSLS)


Two Mountain Valley Pipeline protestors have been arrested after locking themselves to a broken-down car in Bent Mountain.

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The Roanoke County Police Department said, officers took two of the three individuals attached to the car into custody, and are still working to remove the third person.

57-year-old Allan Moore, of Blacksburg, and 66-year-old Deborah Kushner, of Schuyler, were arrested and charged with obstruction of justice, obstructing free passage of others, and stopping on a highway.

Police are still working to remove 64-year-old Bridget Dearing, of Lexington, from the car.

Authorities said charges against her are forthcoming.


Three Mountain Valley Pipeline protesters have locked themselves to a broken down car in Roanoke County, according to Appalachians Against Pipelines.

The group said the demonstration is blocked access to an MVP easement, two access roads and a work yard in Bent Mountain.

One person is locked inside the car, another is sitting on a rocking chair on the trunk and a third person is sitting next to the car in a rocking chair with an arm locked to the side of it.

On the side of the car, protesters painted “Old Hills & Old Folks Resist.”

Happening now! Early this morning, three old folks locked themselves to a broken down car blocking access to a Mountain...

Posted by Appalachians Against Pipelines on Wednesday, June 30, 2021