Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam promotes ‘G3’ education in Danville

It stands for ‘get skilled, get a job, and get ahead’

DANVILLE, Va. – Governor Ralph Northam says every Virginian should have the opportunity to attend community college.

The governor was at Danville Community College Wednesday, promoting an initiative called G3 — which stands for ‘get skilled, get a job, and get ahead.’

It covers tuition and fees for students who qualify for state financial aid, allowing them to gain the skills they need for a good career.

“What we have realized is that a lot of individuals go to our community colleges, and then they don’t complete their curriculum. It’s not because of their grades, it’s because they can’t afford it,” said Gov. Northam.

Northam says the initiative is funded with help from taxpayers and the program should pay for itself in three to five years.

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