Dog dragged behind truck in Houston neighborhood

HOUSTON – An animal cruelty case is being investigated after a video shows a dog being dragged behind a truck through a northwest Houston neighborhood, according to Houston SPCA.

Harris County Constable Precinct 1 is investigating after the video shows a dog being dragged by a rope behind a pickup truck driving through the Briarcreek of Aldine neighborhood near Veterans Memorial, according to a release.

The video also shows a passenger sitting in the back of the pickup truck as it drives on several busy streets while the dog is being dragged across the concrete for more than a mile.

“The story we have heard is that it was a nuisance animal issue, a stray dog and that it was a nuisance to the community and they were going to remove the animal by tying it up and walking it out of the community,” said Adam Reynolds, chief cruelty Investigator with the Houston SPCA.

Reynolds said deputy constables who went to the neighborhood to investigate found no evidence of that.

“They did find an area where there was a pool of blood along with a cut rope,” Reynolds said.

Houston SPCA says the dog suffered from severe road rash, a collapsed lung and bruising. They said she is now being treated and cared for by the Houston SPCA veterinary staff.

The incident is being investigated by Houston SPCA and Harris County Constable Precinct 1. Animal cruelty cases are on the rise.

According to Houston SPCA, its 10 investigators average about 125 active cases at any given time.

“We receive about 8,500 calls a year. Our investigators are constantly busy,” Reynolds said.

If you would like to report animal cruelty in the Houston and Harris County area, call the Houston SPCA at 713-869-SPCA or at

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